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Can I Study For a PhD Via Distance Learning?

The answer is yes! Those who study for a PhD via distance learning are just as capable as their campus counterparts. A distance learning PhD requires just as many research hours as an onsite course does. However, distance learning allows you to set your own pace. The flexible nature of online courses makes them an ideal option for those who are on a limited budget. However, there are a few disadvantages of distance learning.

Some institutions may require a student to visit campus for their induction week. In these instances, PhD students may choose to complete their coursework in the privacy of their home environment. Other institutions may also require students to attend a short period of on-campus time for the induction week. For distance learners, the University of Manchester offers a PhD through distance learning. This degree is funded to EU students.

Unlike traditional academic methods, a distance learning PhD involves conducting original academic research, culminating in a doctoral thesis. The Selinus PhD by Research degree, for example, doesn’t have semesters – instead, it involves autonomous and independent theoretical research, culminating in a final thesis. The final thesis must be completed within 24 months. If you have decided to pursue this route, you’ll be glad you did!

Choosing a good department and a suitable supervisor are two key factors for success in a distance-learning PhD. You will need to have access to University facilities, such as libraries, computers, and Internet connection. Lastly, you should choose a supervisor who shares your research interests. The more compatible he or she is with you, the more likely you’ll have a positive experience in distance learning.

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