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Does Soft Serve Ice Cream Have Pig Fat in It?

Does soft serve ice cream have pigfat in it? This is a common question, and thankfully there are many answers. In the ice cream industry, the ingredients are called fillers or bulking agents. This is because ice cream is sold by weight, not volume, so manufacturers whip in as much air as possible before freezing it. The unappealing, bland ice cream base is then titillated with a range of flavourings and extras. The colourings are sometimes referred to by name, or E160b.

Many people may be worried about consuming pork products, but this is an oversimplification. Most ice cream products are vegan, but some are not. Soft serve ice cream can contain pork products such as gelatin, which is derived from pigs. Some ice creams and marshmallows may also contain pork products. However, if the soft serve ice cream you’re drinking is made with dairy products, it doesn’t have pig fat.

If you’re concerned about the rumor that soft serve ice cream contains pig fat, don’t fret. The dairy-based version of soft serve ice cream typically contains between three to six percent butterfat. Dairy Queen’s version is labeled reduced-fat. It is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health. So, enjoy your favorite soft serve ice cream while it’s still delicious!

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