How to Buy Content in Apple Business Manager and Synchronize It With Endpoint Management

If you run a school or enterprise, you may be wondering: “How do I buy content in Apple Business Manager?”. This article will explain how to buy content for your devices and synchronize it with Endpoint Management. Apple Business Manager helps you manage your devices and purchases from a single location. You can also use it to find and purchase apps, books, and other content. Buying content in bulk makes it easy to distribute to students and staff, and synchronization is simple.

Apple Business Manager has been incorporated into the Apple Volume Purchase Program. It is a single, convenient place for administrators to deploy Apple devices and acquire content in volume. Content purchases include books, apps, and custom applications. Purchased apps can be assigned to groups or installed using the Company Portal. This process requires an account and purchased app licenses. Once you’re all set up, you can buy content in Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager synchronizes the purchases you make in your iTunes Store account with the licenses you assign to users. It also allows you to transfer licenses from one MDM to another. You can also set permissions and roles for employees working with ABM. For organizations with multiple locations, Apple Business Manager has the “Locations” feature, which enables you to divide licenses among them. Locations can be linked together, and each location has its own VPP token.

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