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How to View All the Pictures Sent in a Facebook Chat

If you’ve ever had a Facebook chat and shared pictures, you might want to see all of them in one place. You can easily view all of the pictures you shared with your chat partner by logging in to Facebook, then going to Messages and selecting the conversation you’re interested in. From there, click on the Actions button, then select View Photos in Thread. Then, follow the steps below to find and save any images shared in the chat.

First, you’ll want to go to the message section of Facebook Messenger. There’s a menu and a three-dot icon on the upper right. Click on the icon to open the proper view of the conversation. Once you’ve done that, click on ‘Info’ and choose ‘View shared media.’ If you don’t want to view the photos, you can also choose to hide them, but this requires changing the settings of the chat.

Once you’ve selected an image, tap on the “Save as” button to download it. This will save the image to your iPhone. You can then open the conversation thread, tap on the sender’s name, and select the images you’d like to download. If you’d prefer to view the images on your Android device, you can do the same steps. Open the Messenger app and select the image you want to save. If you don’t have enough space to save all of the pictures in a thread, you can delete them.

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