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Renting Furniture For Staging a House

If you’re selling a home and have rented the furniture that’s already in the home, you might be tempted to buy it. However, staging a house can give buyers an uneasy feeling. To get rid of the unsettling feeling, borrow furniture from friends or rent some from a staging company. But if you don’t have the money to buy new furniture, renting furniture may be your best option.

The biggest mistake people make when selling their homes is thinking they’ll be able to sell them for more money. Instead of selling the home as-is, stage it to make it more appealing. It’s a good idea to add some finishing touches to the home, such as fresh flowers in vases, fruit on the counter, and folded towels in the bathrooms. Keeping nice extras in the closet will make it easier to sell the house and make a quick sale.

Staging isn’t necessary for every room. Oftentimes, homes are staged to be as perfect as possible, but it doesn’t mean staging has to be overly elaborate. In fact, a staged house can still look good, as long as the buyer can envision themselves living in it. If you are staging a house to sell, keep in mind that prospective buyers often look at closets before anything else.

Renting furniture for staging isn’t cheap, and you need to consider the rental costs before you sign the contract. Some rental services charge a high rate for staging, and some may even require a long-term lease. It’s not wise to rent furniture that you’re unlikely to use for a long time. But if you have the money, staging might be your best option.

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