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Who Should Manage Social Media Customer Service?

Who should manage social media customer service? The question of who should be responsible for answering complaints on your social media accounts is a difficult one. There are a few key elements that you should keep in mind. First, be transparent with your customers. Responding to complaints publicly requires less time than private communication. People appreciate transparency. Additionally, it can be annoying to respond to every single tweet. In order to avoid this, try to avoid too much back and forth on Twitter. After two rounds of dialogue, offer to contact the customer privately. Sometimes it will be necessary to obtain personal information from a customer.

Managing customer service on social media requires a special skill set. Because social media is open to public view, it’s important to use someone with proven customer support skills. The person you hire should have excellent written communication skills, and the social media manager shouldn’t be an intern. In addition, a good social media support team should adhere to certain guidelines. The first is to hire a social media specialist with solid experience in customer service.

The second tip is to make sure that the brand tone of voice is consistent across all channels. Social media customer service teams should be provided with guidelines and response templates to follow. In addition, technology can help automate key servicing tasks. Using AI, for example, can help you filter high priority posts and monitor customer responses. Finally, create clear internal reporting lines to ensure that the social media team works as one. So who should manage social media customer service?

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